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“The best of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others.” (Bukhari)


The greatest legacy that parents can leave their children is to teach them the Holy Quran. All Muslim parents aspire for their children to learn, love, and live the Holy Quran in a consistent manner. In truth, it is a significant burden on parents' shoulders.

Teaching young children, on the other hand, is frequently done in a hasty and ineffective manner. Non-Arab families, in particular, do not heed their steps when teaching their children, the Holy Quran.

As a result, as they become older, young children lose interest in reciting, reading, and comprehending the Holy Quran. As a result, they are unable to effectively use Quran teachings in their daily lives (both home and professional).

How to learn Quran for kids can be Made easy?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching youngsters in this manner. Learning Quran also depends on your child's personality and learning style. However, we have some tips.

Share Incredible Quranic Stories:

In the Holy Quran, Allah Subhana hu Wata'la has told numerous amazing stories. These tales not only inspire us, but also teach us crucial lessons. Allah Subhana hu Wata'la (Allah Subhana hu Wata'la) says:

“We relate to you, [O Muhammad], the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Qur’an although you were, before it, among the unaware.”

(Surah Yusuf 12:3)

As a result, telling stories from the Holy Quran will pique the interest and curiosity of children. They will, on the other hand, be able to visualize the Quran. Overall, this will instill feelings of love and belonging in their hearts.

Recite The Quran for Children:

The consequences of listening to the Holy Quran recitation with a profound and focused heart are tremendous. As a result, listening to the Holy Quran might be the initial step in a child's education.

Unfortunately, parents do not teach their children to recite the Holy Quran. Even when some parents recite, they do not pay attention to proper pronunciation, Tajweed regulations, or "Makhrij." As a result, repetition without feeling and comprehension will dilute the benefits on the hearts.

Combine The Listening with Textual Quran Reading

The next stage is to encourage your youngster to pick up the Mashif and attempt to read the script that has previously been inaccessible to him or her. You should not, however, compel them to sit down, open the Holy Book, and begin reading Arabic words they have never seen before.

Let's take a look at how Muslims used to do things. They had heard it, learned it, and repeated it in their prayers. The Holy Quran was then compiled as Mashif-e-Uthmani and the reading began after a lengthy time.

Help Them to Understand the Meanings of Verses:

Tell your children about the circumstances and meanings of relevant verses in addition to listening to the Holy Quran on a regular basis. Allah Subhan hu Wata'la himself invites believers to meditate on the Holy Book's verses.

“[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.”

(Surah Sad 38:29)

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors