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The Holy Quran is Allah's speech and a divine book. The Noble Quran's meaning is unparalleled and cannot be found in any other book on the planet. Aside from the depth of meaning contained in the Quran's verses, there is also its majestic language, which sets it apart from all other literature in the world, and Arabic in particular.

The Holy Quran is a book that contains a full code of life that Allah Almighty has bestowed upon mankind. The Quran covers every facet of life that a person should be aware of. The Quran is the best form of education in the world, and every Muslim must obtain it. As Muslims, we believe that knowing the Holy Quran is the fundamental and most significant learning that leads to salvation.

Religion Learning Quran is important in Islam since it is a full code of conduct. Knowledge, learning, and education are all highly valued in Islam. The first word in the Quran that was revealed was "Iqra," which means "to read."

The Noble Quran is a vast repository of knowledge and wisdom that will guide us until our final breath. That is why learning the Quran is so important in Islam. "O mankind!" exclaimed the Holy Prophet (PBUH). I have leftover you something which, if you hold on to it, can never lead you astray: Allah's book and His prophet's Sunnah.” Al Bayhaqi

Memorizing the Qur'an is a highly good deed with numerous benefits. Anyone can become a hafiz, but the earlier they begin, the easier it will be for them to learn and the better. Learning Quran is not a difficult job but it requires a lot of patience and morals to do so. To learn Quran After Fajr salah, begin learning your new. It's best to learn it first thing in the morning because you won't be stressed. Reading in the morning allows you to rewrite your work before reading it to your teacher, which is typically in the evening. You should also read in the evening to familiarize yourself with the tour lesson the next day.

To memorize the Quranic Lesson You should also read your previous lessons, which are referred to as “manzil” or” dohr”. These are usually the five to seven sabaqs you've read recently. This is done to ensure that you don't forget your previous sabaq, as moving forward is pointless if you forget everything else you've learned.

You should also read a complete juz (section) of the Qur'an every day if you haven't already. This is comparable to your manzil or dohr, however instead of reviewing a few pages, you revise the entire portion. Because it is a time-consuming job, some students choose to perform it once a week (for example, on Fridays).

If one follows these mandatory steps it's no difficult to memorize the Holy book. 

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors