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Avoid 5 issues that were discovered in online Quran classes

What are the most important reasons your children should stay clear of in online Quran classes? While there are many benefits for online Quran classes There are certain issues that children encounter during online Quran classes, due to children's inability to focus in how to learn their Quran lessons. If we do to prevent these problems, we will get amazing results and a 100% guarantee.

5 Problems and Solutions

The most essential elements that must be present in live instruction is the student's concentration and dedication. There are many distractions or activities that divert the pupil's focus from focus on the Quran lesson. These are the issues that teachers and students confront during online Quran classes However, you don't have to be worried! We'll also offer solutions to these issues with the help of parents and children. Let's take a look!

1. Poor web-connection

A poor internet connection can cause frequent disconnects throughout Live Quran classes, that could result in interruptions. The interruption can distract students to the Quran lessons online. Moreover, they may also be unable to comprehend important aspects of the lecture. As a result, students are likely to get bored with these kinds of online Quran classes.


Parents should ensure their children have an internet connection with a good speed to ensure a smooth and efficient communication during Live on-line Quran classes.

2. Have fun playing with toys in class

Children are fascinated by playing with their peers and enjoy playing with their toys. Therefore they have their toys close while taking classes online Quran classes. However, this isn't the right thing to do because, when students are listening to Quran lessons their attention may be diverted with their gadgets. Therefore they aren't able to concentrate on their Quran lessons properly online.


Make sure that your children's toys from the area in which they are taking on online Quran classes. You should also make sure that they aren't placing their toys near them during the time that they are listening to what the Quran teacher is talking what they are saying about what they learned in the Quran lesson.

3. Eating Stuff

Certain children are foodies and like to eat. Students are often eating or chewing diverse foods such as food items, fries, snack gum, etc. However, it's not recommended to do this as eating food can divert the attention of students and prevents them from learning Arabic letters with precision. The sounds of Arabic Tajweed and letters are crucial; hence it's not advisable to eat meals while studying the Quran on the internet.


Request their children to take a snack and eat their fill prior to starting Live Quran class. Also, avoid anything edible in the class.

4. Get out of the way

Children love running from one location to another. This is why they will leave the place they are to attend the internet-based Quran class. This means that they might miss their crucial lecture in accordance with the timetable.


Parents must be attentive to their children. They're not finished with their classes. Before registering to the online Quran Academy parents must make sure that their children sit in front of the computer when they are online in Quran classes.

5. Watching TV

It's also a problem that children are constantly watching television during Quran class. The TV screen distracts students' focus and frustrates the Quran teacher through background noise.


Parents must shut off the television while your children are taking online classes. Additionally, they shouldn't put the television in the room where the children take classes in live Quran classes.

Wrap Up

Our aim is to draw attention to certain issues that arise during the live-streamed Quran classes, so that they are not a problem by involving parents. If you can control your concerns, we will assure that your children will master Quran quickly and effortlessly.

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors