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How long does it take to learn one page of the Quran?

1.1        Learning Quran:

The only way to paradise and salvation is through the Holy Quran. The Noble Quran was revealed to Muhammad (SAW), the Last Messenger, for the benefit of the whole Ummah. Return to it and apply it in your daily life to reach the degree of high admiration in the eyes of the Supreme deity.

Muslims, including men and women, are required to learn the Quran. It is our religious duty to learn the Quran thoroughly and correctly. However, some fortunate individuals accept the challenge of memorizing the entire Quran and earning the title of Hafiz. Being a hifz-e-Quran is a prominent and honored title, and learning Quran is, in some ways, the literal purpose of every Muslim's life.

1.2        Memorizing one page:

However, memorizing the Holy Quran may be challenging for someone who does not speak Arabic. Many people try to learn to let go of their ideas in preparation for the challenge of memorization. Some people, on the other hand, are dedicated to their goal, put forth the effort, and learn the entire Quran.

For everyone interested in learning the Quran, one concern that usually arises is how long it will take to memorize one page, one verse, or even one Rukuh (section on of a para). According to popular belief, learning one page of the Quran takes around 25-30 minutes. However, it is contingent on several circumstances, including the language barrier, age, and memory. Everyone has their own set of criteria.

It is dependent on the individual and their age. Also, if the individual speaks Arabic and is familiar with the alphabet. Taking the time to memorize each verse of each surah you read daily. To make it easier, write it down on a piece of paper after each reading of the Holy Quran.

You're going to your Quran classes. Attending surah explanations might also be beneficial in the long run.

Learning one page in the start of your journey of memorizing the Quran looks good because It works, telling yourself, "I'm only going to do a little bit

It works because telling yourself "I'm only going to do a little bit" (after all, it's only 25 minutes) is one of the easiest methods to mislead yourself out of procrastination.

You also don't have to complete the entire page; any of these ways can be tailored to your specific abilities. I believe it is ideal to not select an amount to study at first while using this strategy, but rather to just start learning.

It all depends on your recollection and Arabic language skills... Also, your commitment... and the time you put in... The Qur’an includes roughly 6200 verses, and if you start learning 10 verses a day, you'll be done in no time (almost one page) It should take 620 days, or just over 2 years... It will take around 1240 days or 3.3 years if you study 5 verses per day.

1.3        Concluding Remarks:

It depends on the person - his/her effort, the time out in, the fluency of recital, whether he/she is proficient in tajweed and whether memorization is with good tajweed, and then of course, whether the person is 100% focused on Quran or is distracted by other commitments.

It works because one of the best ways to trick yourself out of procrastination is to tell yourself "I'm only going to do a little bit", after all it's only 10mins.

You don't have to do a whole page either, all of these different methods can be adapted to suit your ability. With this method, in the beginning, I think its best not to specify an amount to learn but rather just an amount of time that you want to dedicate as this helps build confidence, and also I find the more you specify the more likely you are to procrastinate if you have this problem and Allah knows best.

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors