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The Holy Quran is Allah Almighty's voice. Its structure and meaning are unlike anything else in the world. Apart from the depth of meaning contained in the Quran's verses, the Quran's majestic language distinguishes it from all other writing in the world, particularly Arabic literature. The Noble Quran is considered the world's most revered book.

Every parent wishes for their children to love the Quran and Sunnah and to pray five times a day. After all, we want to raise excellent, Salah-loving children who are knowledgeable about and enamored with Islam. Many parents are split between teaching their children the Five Pillars of Islam, providing them with joy during Ramadan and Hajj, acquiring the best Islamic toys and books, and starting the Arabic alphabet with them.

The fact is, kids may learn the Qur'an and remain connected to it from an early age

Parents are in charge of their children's religious and secular education. The book of Allah, as well as the manner of recitation and real application of the injunctions contained therein, should be taught to children. They should also be taught life disciplines, as well as the fundamentals of Islamic doctrines, such as Aqidah, Allah's oneness and attributes, the Sirah of Allah's blessed Messenger (Allah bless him and grant him peace), the basics of what is lawful and unlawful, and the Fiqh regarding Salat, fasting, and so on.

There is no set age before or after which parents may or may not teach their children the Qur'an or any other part of Islamic knowledge, according to Islamic law. As a result, a child's mental ability and intellectual potential may differ from that of another. Some children appear to mature ahead of their peers. Sometimes a child's age is identical to another's, yet the difference in their undeveloped skills is noticeable

As a result, this will be a decision made by the child's respective parents. If a youngster shows evidence of intelligence and has a good memory, it is a good idea to start learning Quran online at a young age. Especially since memory is so powerful at a young age.

If a youngster is having difficulty learning the Quran, parents should begin teaching him or her when the child is a little older. Some youngsters may be better at grasping other things than memorization, such as good habits, the knack for getting household duties done, and so on. It would be more beneficial for them to understand life's social conducts and behaviours rather than the more technical elements of knowledge

However, most people believe that memorizing is most efficient when done at an early age. There are numerous examples of youngsters as young as seven years old memorizing the Qur'an with no negative consequences May Allah empower the offspring of this Ummah to learn, practice and preach Islam, so that they may become a source of guidance for all of humanity.

To teach your children based on their age, begin with a short story about Heaven, prophets like Solomon, or the story of the ants, all of which are described in the holy Quran.

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors