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Memorizing the Holy Quran may be challenging for someone who does not speak Arabic. Many people try to learn to let go of their ideas in preparation for the challenge of memorization. However, some people are tenacious in the pursuit of their goals.

We must arm ourselves with considerable patience and courage to complete a worthy goal. To achieve so, you'll need a lot of determination and careful planning.​

Learning the Quran requires time, and time is money. As a result, the greatest method to maximize your time is to accelerate your learning process. You need not be concerned since we are here to help you by guiding you through a series of simple learning stages that will make this process much easier for you

1.1 Get yourself enrolled in Class

The first and most important thing to do is enrol in the class. Online Quran learning might be beneficial for those who are busy. Learning the Quran without an instructor might be difficult

1.2 Clear Your Thoughts

Clearing your thoughts can help you sleep better, have more productive downtime after work, be more focused, and be more creative by reducing ruminating. Clear your mind of any stress or unwelcome thoughts before beginning your Quran study. The mind can only think of one thing at a moment.

1.3 Create a conducive learning environment

Learning settings, according to research, play a critical effect in student achievement. Students that study in a good learning environment have been demonstrated to be more motivated, engaged, and capable in general. Make sure to sit in a quiet area when attending your classes to avoid being distracted by the goings-on around you. It will assist you in concentrating on the Quran

1.4 Handwritten Notes

Writing down the knowledge helps with comprehension and recall. Taking excellent notes in class is critical to academic achievement. Taking notes actively throughout class might help you focus and understand key themes. Active listening, understanding, and recall will all benefit from good note-taking. So, to learn Quran, one must pay close attention to the tutor during the session.

1.5 Make eye contact with your teacher and ask questions

However, we should listen twice as much as we speak. Even so, speaking and asking questions are critical components of meaningful learning. As a result, you should not only pay attention to your teacher but also interact with him or her and ask all of the questions and queries that come to mind to better comprehend your lectures.

1.6 Short Interval of Time Is Key To Learning

It has been demonstrated that learning in short sessions is far superior to learning in longer periods. A single session should last between 30 and 60 minutes. In other words, whereas 30 minutes is the very minimum for acquiring sufficient knowledge and storing it in memory, more than 60 minutes is deemed too much information for your brain to process at once.

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors