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If you want to learn Quran online and looking for the perfect but affordable Quran Tuition in Birmingham, you can register here without hesitation. Alhamdulillah, we've been teaching Quran to more than a thousand students since 2010

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Learning Quran is an obligation of all Muslims to get Allah's love and mercy. Every parent desires their kids to learn Quran in their childhood. People in Birmingham have their homes far off to Islamic centers and Madrassas; they can't go out or send their kids alone to far-off places. Therefore they prefer Birmingham Quran Tuition online.
If you want an affordable but perfect Quran academy, then meet us! We've come up with Quran classes online accessible for people who live in Birmingham. We are spreading the light of the Quran to Muslims all over the world. Our Quran classes are interactive, accessible, and can be recorded/playback by students.
We offer three Quran courses online in Birmingham; you can select any one of your own choices. Over more than five hundred students have learned Quran from our site and shown 100% results. Now they can read Quran accurately and fluently. All credit goes to our Birmingham Quran teachers online, who try their best to achieve the best results. Let's know about our courses.


Quran Reading

Quran recitation is the essential practice of the Muslim religion to get Allah's affection and happiness. As people of Birmingham speak English, therefore, it's partly challenging to learn Arabic from basic. But you don't need to worry because our Quran teachers can speak English fluently. Usually, kids learn these courses. We provide highly qualified female Quran teachers to a single student in one on one Quran class online in Birmingham. Come and join us!


Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization is an act of remembering the whole Quran classified into 114 Surah, 6666 verses. Every Muslim parent desires their kids to memorize Quran, but foreign countries like Birmingham don't have nearby Madrassas. But now you can meet with Hafiz-e-Quran male and female Quran teacher near me for teaching this course. We use different Avenues and worksheets to achieve the best results for our students at the end of the course.


Tajweed Quran

Tajweed-Ul-Quran means to read Quran with proficiency. A significant mistake made by people that they don't read Quran with Tajweed rules. Any single mistake in the Quran reading can become the cause of Allah's anger. Anyone who wants to improve his Quran recitation then joins our Birmingham Tajweed classes. We have highly qualified Quran teachers who will enable you and your kids to read Quran with the correct pronunciation.


Our Quran teachers

Our Quran teachers include Hafiz-e-Quran, Tajweed-Ul-Quran, and Nazra-e-Quran teachers. They all graduated in Quran teachings from certified Madrassas and have experience teaching the Quran online. As people in Birmingham speak English, therefore, we have teachers who can converse in English fluently. You don't need to worry about any complications; instead, our Quran teachers are very cooperative. They always hear and resolve student's issues sincerely. As a result, our students always show 100% results in exams and enlighten the name of Birmingham Quran Academy.

One-on-one classes

One-on-one classes are specially designed for those students who are either shy or hesitate to study with over-age/lower-age mates. Now, they can learn alone with a single Quran teacher on live Skype or Zoom meeting.

Free trial classes

You can check out our procedure of Birmingham Quran classes because we allow you to take free trial classes for three days. In these three days, you will learn from a single Quran teacher online. If you satisfy, then you can proceed further.

Certified Quran teacher

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with professional Quran teachers who know the value of teaching the Quran. They are all certified and hold degrees in Islamic education. Our Birmingham online Quran teachers include Hafiz, Qari, and Tajweed Al Quran teachers.

Any device, any tool

You can access Birmingham Quran classes from anywhere in the world. You can take our live Quran classes on any device like laptop, mobile, and tablet. We have used handy tools to make it easily accessible for people, especially for kids.

Month-on-month classes

Some needy people in Birmingham can't afford yearly fee plans for learning Quran online. That's why we let our students get register from month to month. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Join month to month Birmingham Quran classes online

Interactive classes

No doubt, our Quran classes are interactive with 100% coaching for your kids. Don't worry about any complications. It's a straightforward and easy way to take our Quran classes. You need to create an account on Skype or Zoom. The teacher will create a meeting to deliver a lecture and listen to Quran lessons on audio or video call.


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Read our FAQ’s?

No, there's no age limit for registration in our Quran classes. Instead, kids, adults, and old gents & ladies can learn Quran from Birmingham Quran Academy online. We have a single Quran teacher near me for every person

Yes, we let you change your Quran teacher if you're not satisfied with him/her. If you have any issue understanding your current Quran teacher, then discuss the Birmingham Quran Academy instructors; we will replace your teacher with another Quran online.

There\'s a straightforward method for Registration in Quran classes online. Scroll down the page. You will find a button named "Take free trial classes." Click on it. You will see a contact form. Write your full name, email, phone number, or message (optional), and submit this contact form by pressing the button below. After that, you need to wait for one day. Our chatting agent will contact you to guide you further.

Duration depends on the efforts and punctuality of students. Usually, our kids complete Quran reading in almost two years or more. Tajweed Classes need practice having three levels. Quran Memorization takes almost three or more years. But you don't need to register for an extended period; instead, you can choose our monthly pricing plans.

We've already set a very reasonable pricing plan that an ordinary person in Birmingham can afford. You'll find the world's best Quran tutors at a meager cost at Birmingham Quran Academy online. Besides, we are giving you a month-to-month Registration option for your ease.

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors