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If you want to learn Quran online and looking for the perfect but affordable Quran Tuition in Luton, you can register here without hesitation. Alhamdulillah, we've been teaching Quran to more than a thousand students since 2010

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Holy Quran is the book of Allah that comes down the Earth for the guidance and forgiveness of Muslims. Muslims learn and read Quran to get Allah's bliss in the world and hereafter. Many Muslims live in Luton who desires to learn the Quran but can't go out of home nowadays because of COVID-19 lockdown or far off Madrassas. Therefore, we made it easy for them to learn Quran in their own home.
If you want to learn Quran online without going anywhere with the best Quran teacher near me, then you've come to the right site. Because here, you'll find your all desired requirements as we have the best Quran teachers along with interactive Quran learning. Our one-on-one Quran classes would lurk your kid's interest in Quran study. Besides, you'll learn Quran from Luton Quran Academy at very reasonable prices as well as month-to-month prices.


Our Quran teachers

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with +25 expertise Quran teachers from different countries. They are all certified and professional in teaching Quran online. Their teaching strategy is so wonderful that all students keep connected with learning till the end. All credit goes to our best Islamic teachers who try their best to achieve excellent results.
Our online teaching staff includes highly qualified Hafiz-e-Quran, Tajweed-Al-Quran and Nazra-e-Quran teachers. They are all experienced in teaching online Quran courses. People who live in Luton don't need to worry about their language for communication because our online Quran tutors can speak English fluently during Quran classes. We've both male teacher for boys and female teacher for girls.


Quran Reading

Quran Reading course means to learn Quran language from basics. This course is somewhat difficult for people who live in Luton because their native language is not Arabic. They need to learn from basic to end for reading Quran fluently. Course duration is more than three years but depends on the effort and intelligence of the learner. That's why it takes time to complete the whole Quran reading. If you want to see your kids read Quran accurately and fluently, then join our Luton Quran classes online.


Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization is the remembrance of the whole Quran that is a great practice of the Islamic religion performed by Muslims to get Allah's bliss and affection. This course includes the remembrance of 30 Surahs with Tajweed rules. Therefore, it takes almost three years to complete. If you're looking for the best Hafiz-e-Quran tutor online in Luton, then join our one-on-one Quran Memorization classes. We've established a Hafiz-e-Quran teacher near me to teach Quran online.


Tajweed Quran

Tajweed-e-Quran means the Quran is reading along with proficient Arabic Accent. It's very important to learn because it's wrong to read Quran in a simple tone. It creates many mistakes in the translation of the Quran that can become the cause of sin. So, if you want to improve your Quran reading, then join our Luton Tajweed classes online. We have a highly qualified Tajweed Quran teacher near me who will give you a smaller concept about Tajweed Al Quran.

Female Quran teachers

Besides male Quran teachers, female Quran teachers are also available on Luton Quran Academy online. They are very cooperative and able to deal with every matter faced by students during Quran class. In addition, a female Quran tutor near me is specifically available for Islamic sisters and kids.

Certified Quran teachers

At Luton online Quran Academy, all Quran teachers are certified that hold degrees in Islamic education and Quran study. Moreover, we've specialized teachers like Hafiz-e-Quran teacher for the Hifz-e-Quran course and Qari for teaching Quran reading.

Free trial classes

One of the most important things is that we're allowing taking trial classes for three days. We give three days trial classes for free so that you will satisfy with our performance of teaching the Quran interactively.

Interactive Quran classes

Luton Quran classes are interactive and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. We've used different handy tools for making online classes interactive for our students. Every learning facility is available at Luton Quran Academy for the accomplishment of excellent results.

One-on-one classes

We provide One-on-one Quran classes, especially for those who hesitate to learn with other students because of either age difference or shyness. So join our Luton Quran classes for learning with the single best Quran teacher near me.

Month-to-month classes

Monthly classes are available for the people who can't pay for the year to year fee. Now, they can get this golden opportunity to learn from our qualified teachers by submitting a monthly fee. After one month, you need to register and submit the monthly pricing plan again.


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Read our FAQ’s?

It's very easy to take Luton Quran classes online. It would be best if you had a laptop or mobile to take a class online. After that, you have to create an account on an application recommended by your Quran teacher near me. The teacher will call you at your selected time, which is received by you to start live class. In the beginning, your Quran teacher will discuss or listen to the previous lesson, then he/she will teach the next Quran lesson.

Yes, it is possible! We will give you the full opportunity to change your current teacher if you're not satisfied with him/her. If there will be an issue with your Quran teacher, you can discuss it with us. We will pay heed to your reason behind the replacement of your teacher. If it is a valid reason, then we will replace your current teacher with your recommended one.

Our online Quran Academy in Luton is better than other Quran Madrassas because we're the ones that provide online Quran learning at a very suitable price. Our less prices will not affect the quality of our services. Instead, we provided expertise and certified Quran teachers along with interactive learning to our students.

Yes, you can check out our process and validity of our Luton Quran classes online because we allow taking free trial classes. These free trial classes are available for three days. And the good news is that these three days trial classes are free of cost for our students.

There's no specific age limit for taking Luton Quran classes online. Anyone, including kids, adults and old ladies and gents, can register here for taking online Quran classes. There is no bug issue of age because there are one-on-one Quran classes in which a single student will get a single Quran teacher near me to avoid hesitation.

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Used by 500+ students
40+ Professional Tutors